Which Is Better NordVPN Or Cyberghost? [NordVPN Beginner Guide]

Did you decide to purchase NordVPN? Do you wonder: Which Is Better NordVPN Or Cyberghost?

In this article we will show you step by step how to make a purchase of new NordVPN subscription, set up account and start using NordVPN software! After guide we will answer some questions regarding using an VPN app.

Here is how to purchase a NordVPN subscription

  1. Start by visiting NordVPN website, you can click here.
  2. Click on pricing tab at the top of the page, here you can see current plans, pricing and deals. Choose which NordVPN plan you prefer to purchase and then click “Get *name of the plan* button.
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You can choose between standard plan (pure NordVPN service) or other plans that comes with NordPass or NordLocker services.

  1. Now you have to type your email adress that you will be using NordVPN with.
  1. Now you have to choose payment method which you want to use, and proceed with it.
  1. Well done! If you followed this guide nicely you purchased NordVPN subscription! Look at your email inbox, here you will find purchase confirmation email.

Now download NordVPN APP and start using it

After purchasing your VPN plan, head to this page to download the NordVPN app

Now you can click start and enjoy using VPN!

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Let’s get back to main question, Which Is Better NordVPN Or Cyberghost?

There are many reasons to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service. Whether you’re trying to stay safe on public Wi-Fi or want to access region-locked content, a VPN can help. Two of the most popular VPN services are NordVPN and CyberGhost. But which is better?

Both NordVPN and CyberGhost offer excellent security features, including military grade encryption, strict no logs policies, and leak protection. They also both have user-friendly apps for all major platforms. However, there are some key differences that may make one more suitable for your needs than the other.

NordVPN is a great choice if you’re looking for a comprehensive VPN service. It offers almost 5500 servers in 59 countries, so you can always find a fast connection. Plus, with its exclusive SmartPlay feature, you can bypass geo-restrictions on streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer without any hassle.

CyberGhost is another excellent VPN service with robust security features and an easy-to-use app. It has over 3500 servers in 60 countries and can unblock popular streaming services like Netflix US, Amazon Prime Video, and HBO GO/NOW. However, it doesn’t offer the same range of servers as NordVPN so you may experience more buffering when trying to stream video content.

If you’re looking for a versatile VPN service that can unblock anything and keep you safe online then NordVPN is the better option. However, if you want a budget-friendly VPN with high speeds for streaming then CyberGhost could be a better choice.

Worth knowing

There are a variety of factors to consider when deciding which VPN is best for you. Here, we take a detailed look at NordVPN and Norton VPN to help you make an informed decision.

Starting with the basics, both NordVPN and Norton VPN offer solid security features. Both use 256-bit AES encryption and provide strict zero-logging policies. In terms of pricing, they are both very competitively priced, with NordVPN starting at $2.99/month and Norton VPN coming in at $4.99/month for their basic plans.

When it comes to features, NordVPN offers a few more options than Norton VPN. For instance, NordVPN has double VPN servers which encrypt your traffic twice for extra security. They also offer Tor over VPN servers which can give you even more privacy protection if you’re willing to put up with slower speeds. In addition, NordVPN has Cybersec malware protection while Norton does not. Overall, if you’re looking for a more feature-rich option, then NordVPN is the better choice here.

Norton VPN does have one advantage over NordVPN though: its Money Back Guarantee policy. If you’re not happy with Norton VPN for any reason within 30 days of purchase, then you can get a full refund – no questions asked! This makes Norton’s risk-free trial period much longer than most other providers (NordVPN only offers a 7 day money back guarantee). So if you’re undecided between the two and want to test them out first, then Norton may be the better option here as you’ve got nothing to lose by giving it a try!

So there you have it – an overview of NordVPN and Norton VPN to help you decide which is best for your needs!

Worth knowing

CyberGhost is a secure VPN service that uses strong encryption ciphers and has a variety of tunneling protocols. They could improve their reputation by becoming more transparent as a company.

Worth knowing

There are many different ways to protect your online privacy, and two of the most popular methods are VPNs and proxies. But which is better? It really depends on your needs.

If you just want to hide your IP address and don’t care about encrypting your traffic, a proxy will do the job. Proxies are also cheaper than VPNs, and they’re usually faster since there’s no encryption overhead.

On the other hand, if you need security and privacy, a VPN is a better choice. VPNs encrypt all of your traffic, so your ISP can’t spy on you or sell your data. They also tend to be more reliable since they’re not relying on third-party servers.

So, which is better? It really depends on what you need. If speed and price are your biggest concerns, go with a proxy. But if security and privacy are more important to you, go with a VPN.

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