Which Server Type On NordVPN Is The Best? [NordVPN Beginner Guide]

Did you decide to purchase NordVPN? Do you wonder: Which Server Type On NordVPN Is The Best?

In this article we will show you step by step how to make a purchase of new NordVPN subscription, set up account and start using NordVPN software! After guide we will answer some questions regarding using an VPN app.

Here is how to purchase a NordVPN subscription

  1. Start by visiting NordVPN website, you can click here.
  2. Click on pricing tab at the top of the page, here you can see current plans, pricing and deals. Choose which NordVPN plan you prefer to purchase and then click “Get *name of the plan* button.
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You can choose between standard plan (pure NordVPN service) or other plans that comes with NordPass or NordLocker services.

  1. Now you have to type your email adress that you will be using NordVPN with.
  1. Now you have to choose payment method which you want to use, and proceed with it.
  1. Well done! If you followed this guide nicely you purchased NordVPN subscription! Look at your email inbox, here you will find purchase confirmation email.

Now download NordVPN APP and start using it

After purchasing your VPN plan, head to this page to download the NordVPN app

Now you can click start and enjoy using VPN!

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Let’s get back to main question, Which Server Type On NordVPN Is The Best?

NordVPN’s Standard servers offer the best connection speeds and are ideal for everyday use.

Worth knowing

There are many different types of VPNs available on the market, each offering a different level of security. So, which type of VPN is most secure?

Well, that depends on your needs. If you’re looking for a VPN that can offer the highest level of security possible, then you’ll want to look into an enterprise-grade VPN solution. These types of VPNs are typically used by large organizations and corporations who need to protect their data from being intercepted by third parties.

If you’re just looking for a basic level of security for your personal use, then a consumer-grade VPN might be enough. These types of VPNs are typically much less expensive than enterprise solutions, and they offer a decent level of security for most users.

Of course, no matter which type of VPN you choose, there’s always going to be some risk involved. After all, nothing is 100% secure. But if you want to minimize your risk as much as possible, then an enterprise-grade VPN is probably your best bet.

Worth knowing

Surfshark uses OpenVPN, an open-source tunneling protocol. OpenVPN’s code is freely available on the internet, and it consistently receives updates and maintenance from security and networking experts from across the globe. You will find OpenVPN (UDP) and OpenVPN (TCP) options on your Surfshark app.

Worth knowing

IPsec is a type of VPN that uses IP addresses to create a secure tunnel between entities. IPsec VPNs are typically used to connect a remote host with a network VPN server; the traffic sent over the public internet is encrypted between the VPN server and the remote host.

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