Why Is NordVPN Not Working On Android? [NordVPN Beginner Guide]

Did you decide to purchase NordVPN? Do you wonder: Why Is NordVPN Not Working On Android?

In this article we will show you step by step how to make a purchase of new NordVPN subscription, set up account and start using NordVPN software! After guide we will answer some questions regarding using an VPN app.

Here is how to purchase a NordVPN subscription

  1. Start by visiting NordVPN website, you can click here.
  2. Click on pricing tab at the top of the page, here you can see current plans, pricing and deals. Choose which NordVPN plan you prefer to purchase and then click “Get *name of the plan* button.
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You can choose between standard plan (pure NordVPN service) or other plans that comes with NordPass or NordLocker services.

  1. Now you have to type your email adress that you will be using NordVPN with.
  1. Now you have to choose payment method which you want to use, and proceed with it.
  1. Well done! If you followed this guide nicely you purchased NordVPN subscription! Look at your email inbox, here you will find purchase confirmation email.

Now download NordVPN APP and start using it

After purchasing your VPN plan, head to this page to download the NordVPN app

Now you can click start and enjoy using VPN!

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Let’s get back to main question, Why Is NordVPN Not Working On Android?

If you’re having trouble connecting to NordVPN on your Android device, there are a few things you can try:

1. Check that you have the latest version of the NordVPN app installed. You can do this by visiting the Google Play Store and comparing the version number of the app with the latest version number on NordVPN’s website.
2. Make sure that your device is connected to a good Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. If you’re on public Wi-Fi, it’s possible that the network is blocking VPN traffic. Try connecting to a different Wi-Fi network, if possible.
3. If you’re using a mobile data connection, check that your data allowance hasn’t been exceeded. Some carriers throttle VPN traffic when your data limit has been reached.
4. Restart both your Android device and the NordVPN app. This can sometimes fix connectivity issues.
5 progressed through all these steps but are still having trouble connecting to NordVPN, please contact our support team for further assistance

Worth knowing

If you’re having trouble connecting to a VPN on your Android device, it may be because you haven’t given the app the necessary permissions. In most apps, all you need to do is go to the VPN app, click the connection button, and accept the connection. Alternatively, you can also try restarting your phone and reinstalling the app.

Worth knowing

If you’re wondering why NordVPN is not working, there are a few potential explanations. First off, make sure that your NordVPN subscription is active and that you’re connected to the internet. Then, try restarting your device and reinstalling the NordVPN app. If those steps don’t work, it’s possible that your internet service provider (ISP) is blocking VPN traffic. You can try contacting your ISP to see if they’ll allow VPN traffic or you can switch to a different ISP. Finally, if none of those solutions work, it’s possible that there’s an issue with the NordVPN servers themselves. In that case, you can contact NordVPN support for help troubleshooting the issue.

Worth knowing

If you’re having trouble connecting NordVPN to your Firestick, there are a few things you can try. First, make sure that your Firestick is connected to the internet and that NordVPN is compatible with your device. If you’re still having trouble, you can contact customer support for help troubleshooting the issue.

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